Who are we"

We are the family of Roy and Marianne Lanham.

My name is Ed, I am Marianne's son-in-law. This project got started by my helping Marianne type up some of her memoirs. This document started to get fairly large and as I continued working on the project I thought others would enjoy reading some of these stories as well, but there was nothing that could be done at that time to make such sharing possible.

About six months after I began the memoir project, I started getting involved with web pages at work. As I learned how a web page worked, I thought this would be a great way to get Marianne's memoirs out to the interested public.

As this project progressed, my wife Debbie started doing some background research into some of the work that her father took part in. As she started uncovering more and more information, and with the support of Marianne who who is providing me with a wealth of pictures and newspaper articles, and a few other people that have supplied additional information, the Roy Lanham portion of this web page started growing very fast.

We hope you enjoy looking through this material, new material is added nearly every month, so stay tuned.

Any E-mail sent to "debed@debed.com" will be received by us and will be answered as soon as possible and if appropriate, will forwarded to Marianne Lanham.

Thank you for your interest, Ed Wilson

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