Roy Lanham in Index
By Dave Richards

You might think that the small town of Index is a rather ocfd spot to find one of the countries foremost guitar players but strange as it may seem, that is exactly the situation.

The word is that no less of an authority than Chet Atkins named Roy Lanham as number one in the U.S.A. when he was questioned as .to his pick of the best guitar man. Chester has listened to a few pickers in his day as well as being most folks choice as number one himself, so I guess his opinion ought to be considered. Roy is the lead guitar man with "The Sons of the Pioneers" but when they aren't busy he often will book an engagement for himself and his wife Mary Anne. Mary Anne plays "cocktail" drums and does a fine job of singing so thev make a whole of a duo.

Before I forget, I should mention that thev are appearing at a spot called The Bush House in Index and will be there through the 20th. Roy is originally from Corbin, Ky., but has been doing his thing with "The Sons of the Pioneers" for about 15 years.

I would imagine that a good number of western music fans have already met Roy on one of his appearances here with this ever popular group so now is a good chance to renew your acquaintance. Get on up there and give a listen to these two. It's less than 40 minutes from Everett or North Seattle and you'll find it well worth the drive.

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