The goddess of Animalation
by Debbie Lanham

Picture of Debbie Lanham at 5 years.

Once upon a time there was a middle aged couple living on the outskirts of town. They had six children, a horse, four pigs, four dogs and four cats. The dogs and cats put them through a lot, because about three or four times a year the cats would have a litter of eight kittens and the dogs would have six puppies.

Well, one day the woman got fed up with the dogs and cats because they were taking over their home, so she prayed to the gods up in the sky to take them away. The next day all of the dogs and cats disappeared.

Years later the man and woman had to sell their farm because everything was dryi ng up because of the heat wave. So the woman thought to herself "If I prayed to have those animals taken away, I can surely pray for some rain". So she started praying. Just then a big flash came out of the sky and it started to sprinkle, and then rain, and then harder and harder, then it was raining Cats and Dogs!

Well the moral of the story is "What goes up must come down".

Picture of our family dog, Hidie Von Blackwolf

Hidie Von Blackwolf


Picture of one of our family cats, Blackie



Picture of another of our family cats, Boots