The Fabulous Roy Lanham

Roy Lanham was born in the twenties in a small town in the state of Kentucky, where he grew up and finished high school. Then he started playing guitar for his livelihood, which was a very good one to say the least.
Picture from the cover of The Fabulous Roy Lanham Roy soon moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he joined the staff at WLW Radio where he worked with some great entertainers. He did mostly country music, at that time he worked with a group called BROWN'S FERRY FOUR made up by Red Foley, Grandpa Jones, Merle Travis and Roy Lanham.

Roy also worked lots of shows with ROSEMARY CLOONEY. Later Roy formed his own group called THE WHIPPOORWILLS and went on the road with Gene Austin for several years. Then a long stretch with Roy Rogers, and last but not least he played four years with Sweet Georgia Brown.

Roy is a very fine fellow and has many friends and millions of fans. To mention a few: Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Bryant and Barney Kessell are some of his greatest admirers.

This is Roy's second album, if you like guitar you will love this one. Roy is one of the greatest guitar men in the business, and with the help of these fabulous musicians like Red Wooten on bass, Dusty Rhoads on rhythm guitar and Muddy Berry on drums, makes Roy shine even more.

Roy and I are lifetime friends and I am his greatest admirer.

                                                 RUSSELL SIMS
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